Your Community. Our Commitment.

We believe it’s important to be responsible corporate citizens – doing well while also doing good. We consistently operate with a commitment to a triple bottom line and sustainable development which creates financial, environmental, and social benefit.

What that means is that:

  1. We manage our investor partner’s capital with care. As responsible fiduciaries, our commitment is to lead with innovation, affordable products and a consistent return on investment capital.

  2. We have a strong sense of environmental responsibility. We work with our construction partners to adhere to strict environmental standards and we minimize negative environmental impact, pollution and waste whenever possible.

  3. We invest in the communities in which we do business, particularly to address the critical needs of the most vulnerable in our communities – the elderly, the youth, and ex-offenders. Through strategic community partnerships, workforce development programs and local charitable giving, our goal is to build stronger communities while providing greater access and more resources for community residents.